About Dr. Hampton

Dr. Hampton is a Licensed Psychologist (AL #1853) and an independent private practitioner. She completes diagnostic evaluations for organizations, companies, and the court system. A smaller part of her practice consists of individual and group treatment. The consulting arm of the practice can be found at DrAshleyHampton.com.

Dr. Hampton is currently specializing in concierge treatment and evaluations where she travels to the client in order to reduce stress and provide comfort using a familiar setting.

Dr. Hampton has worked in the mental health sector for over 15 years, with experience as a School Counselor (at every age level) and as a Counselor Intern at two College Counseling Centers. She also worked at Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility as a Forensic Psychologist completing forensic evaluations, working with committed patients, and writing court-ordered reports. Prior to her current position in private practice, she worked in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) system. As a Doctoral Intern in the BOP system, Dr. Hampton worked at FCC Butner (Butner, North Carolina) in the Severe Mental Illness tract, the Forensic Evaluation tract, and the General Population tract. She later returned to the BOP as a Drug Treatment Specialist, working in the Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program evaluating and providing substance abuse treatment to incarcerated inmates.

Dr. Hampton has worked with individuals as young as 3 and as old as 87, along with a variety of genders and racial and ethnic identities. Additionally, she has worked with many presenting concerns. More information can be found in the specific pages regarding treatment, consulting, and evaluations.

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